Titans’ scariest pitfall to overcome on 2024 NFL schedule

The Titans need Will Levis to continue growing better if they want a chance at competing in 2024.

In 2024, the Tennessee Titans will usher in a new era. After firing Mike Vrabel as head coach, Tennessee parted ways with veteran running back Derrick Henry. The Titans football team will enter a new era under Brian Callahan and second-year quarterback Will Levis, one that should seem significantly different from the previous one.

Titans’ scariest pitfall to overcome on 2024 NFL schedule
                                     Titans’ scariest pitfall to overcome on 2024 NFL schedule

2024 will be a new era for the Tennessee Titans. Derrick Henry, a dependable running back for many years, was let go by Tennessee, along with former head coach Mike Vrabel. A new era of Titans football, marked by Brian Callahan and second-year quarterback Will Levis, should differ greatly from the previous one.

Through the NFL Draft of 2024, the Titans added even more talent. T’Vondre Sweat and J.C. Latham give the trenches on both sides of the ball a substantial boost. In addition, they added a few defensive rotational players and depth pieces, as well as a chance to choose Tulane wide receiver Jha’Quan Jackson.

Tennessee has come a long way in a transitional offseason. But they have a demanding schedule that presents a few difficult challenges that the squad must overcome. If the Titans hope to compete in the AFC South in 2024, they will have to figure them out.

This season, a lot is riding on Will Levis. In 2023, Levis shown moments of greatness; he looked amazing in his debut game against the Atlanta Falcons and completed four touchdown passes. That particular game, though, did not adequately capture his body of work.

Levis demonstrated the usual rookie challenges one anticipates from young signal callers in the National Football League. In Tennessee, there is a lot of hope that Levis will advance to become a legitimate franchise quarterback with the addition of new skill position players and another full offseason of training.

However, what if it doesn’t take place?

Since progress is not necessarily linear, Levis may find it difficult in 2024. In their first season under Brian Callahan, the Titans are implementing a whole new offensive scheme. It wouldn’t be shocking if Levis went through a learning curve.

If Levis doesn’t improve in his second season, the Titans will be dissatisfied because that could hurt their chances of winning this year. Tennessee will be in serious jeopardy if he turns out to be regressive.

Early on in his NFL sophomore season, Will Levis will be closely watched.

For Tennessee, an early bye is not ideal.
For the Titans, the early season slate appears to be winnable, which is good news. The four away games they have are against the New York Jets, the Packers, the Dolphins, and Chicago. The Titans are thrilled to have drawn Caleb Williams and the Bears for the quarterback’s NFL debut. They won’t win, but if Williams plays exceptionally well right away, it will help them get off to a good start this season. It’s not difficult to see the Titans finishing 2-2 during this run.

They do, however, get an early bye in Week 5, which might present issues.

A bye week in the middle of the season, or a little later, would have been preferable for the Titans. This would have provided greater relief in the event that a starter sustained an injury and divided the season into more manageable segments. Rather, for the better part of the season, the Titans will need to grind it out and get to work.

The fact that Tennessee still has several difficult games left on their schedule just serves to exacerbate this. They have three very significant games against the Colts, Bills, and Lions after their bye. Should the Titans lose all three of those games, they would be in a very bad situation.

The next five weeks of the season will see Tennessee play the Bengals and Jaguars, two tough teams.

They will also have to wait until Weeks 12 and 18 of the season to play the Houston Texans. If all goes well, this might allow Levis to settle into a groove before taking on a formidable divisional foe. Conversely, it might mean two surefire losses in the most crucial segments of the schedule.


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