Penalties: The Stanley Cup Final is now scheduled.

All of you have a happy Monday. Remember that the New York Rangers were eliminated over the weekend if you need a quick smile to start the workweek!

In relation to it, how did the Florida Panthers return to the Stanley Cup Final the previous season? From the Penguins in 2008 and 2009, Florida is the first team to lose the SCF and return the following year. []

Penalties: The Stanley Cup Final is now scheduled.
                                             Penalties: The Stanley Cup Final is now scheduled.

When it came to carrying the Prince of Wales trophy last year and not touching it on Saturday, the Panthers pulled a Penguin double take. Sidney Crosby handled it the other way around, not touching it until 2008 and then holding onto it ever since. I guess whatever it takes to get the job done. [Congrats!]

The Rangers’ season ended with three straight one-goal losses as their scoring dried up at the worst time. My heart aches so much for them. []

The poorly thought out tiebreaker that resulted in five goals from empty net in one game

After Edmonton’s decisive victory against Dallas in Game 6 of the series last night, Connor McDavid is just a step away from the summit in the Western Conference. []

After scoring his 30th point of the postseason, McDavid is now aiming to surpass Evgeni Malkin’s 36 playoff points from the salary-cap era. Last night, McDavid added what might be his hallmark goal—walking a terrific defense in Miro Heiskanen and completing a beauty—in the Malkin vs. Hurricanes match. [Hover – Twitter]

The SCF schedule is available, and it will be a long wait until Saturday night for Game 1. The last game of the series will take place on June 24 if it extends to seven games. Increasingly dependent on the money that TV rights holders are giving out strikes! [Sportsnet]

Jack St. Ivany discussed his new deal with the Penguins and how the Californian rookie was greatly impacted by a brief motivational speech from Drew Doughty following a summer practice last year.

It’s finally the end of Brayden Yager’s rising season, but not before he was named the CHL’s Top Sportsman for the second consecutive year. [The Current Moose Jaw]

Can the Penguins have a significant off-season impact? [After-Gazette]

Check out our season summary of Alex Nedeljkovic if you missed it. [Germany]

Xavier Ouellet, a 30-year-old defenceman who played for Wilkes for the last two seasons, has allegedly agreed to join with the KHL team Dinamo Minsk for the upcoming campaign. [Sam Wismer on Twitter]

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