Brad Marchand’s 2023–24 Boston Bruins season report cards

It’s official—the Boston Bruins Centennial Season is over. The season wasn’t a total bust, even though it didn’t result in a Stanley Cup Championship or grant the Bruins fans another duck boat parade. In addition to commemorating 100 years of Bruins hockey, the group went down memory lane. Fans relived memories of several Bruins hockey periods at TD Garden on a number of era nights.

The Bruins finished second in the Atlantic Division and had another season with 100 points. With the season being finished, we can evaluate each player’s performance and assign them a season grade. Captain Brad Marchand will be the subject of today’s report card.

It was time for the torch to be passed. The time had finally arrived for Patrice Bergeron to take over as captain after Zdeno Chara left. It was time to transmit the torch after Bergeron retired following the 2022–2023 season, having worn the ‘C’ on his jersey for three years. Marchand would become the 27th captain in team history, which was not surprising. Since it was the Bruins’ centennial season, it would also be the most significant one. Furthermore, this was the first time since the 2003–04 campaign that the Bruins had been without Patrice Bergeron.

Brad Marchand's 2023–24 Boston Bruins season report cards
Brad Marchand’s 2023–24 Boston Bruins season report cards

In the 2022–2023 offseason, the Bruins lost since a number of players left the team. David Krejci, a center, and Bergeron both retired. Don Sweeney, the general manager, dealt Taylor Hall and Nick Foligno to the Chicago Blackhawks. Not to add, Tyler Bertuzzi, Dmitry Orlov, and Garnett Hathaway all left via free agency. Though it would be difficult, Marchand was up for the challenge. For any player on any team, being named captain is a great honor, but for Marchand, this was very special. Marchand accepted the position and gave thought to the players he had learned from, noting,
Marchand remarked, “I feel incredibly honored and proud.” Being able to wear a ‘C’ for this squad means more to me than I believe anyone would ever understand. The guys I’ve had the good fortune to work under and the leaders who came before me both take a great deal of pleasure in what they do. They do everything they can to bring someone into this team. It’s been amazing to watch, but I can appreciate the labor that goes into it, and I firmly think that this institution has produced two of the greatest leaders in history.
Marchand was the ideal candidate to lead the Bruins and represent them. He not only played on the ice with honor, but he also set an example for others to follow.

Marchand Keeps Making
In order for the Bruins to be successful in 2023–24, Marchand would have to be performing at his peak. The roster’s ability to bounce back from losses would be put to the test given the turnover. Marchand discussed those very difficulties prior to the season, showing no hesitation.

Marchand remarked, “There will be a tremendous amount of work involved.” And there’s a lot of pressure on me as well as the squad and the group’s expectations. However, there is no other way I would have it.

Not only did Marchand perform admirably, but the Bruins as a unit also did. During the 2023–24 season, Marchand participated in all 82 games and appeared stronger. Marchand reached the 60-point threshold and matched his season-high total of 67 points for the third time in five seasons. In addition, he scored 29 goals overall, including two overtime goals and six game-winning goals.
Marchand spent time with David Pastrnak and Pavel Zacha. With an average of 4.05 goals every 60 minutes, they were a formidable offensive team. Still, he played with Charlie Coyle and Jake DeBrusk much of the time. It turned out the line was a strong offensive and defensive combination. In total, they scored 1.58 goals against every 60 minutes, which is excellent given the amount of time they are putting in. They also had the second-highest goal total of any Bruins line combination with 14.

Brad Marchand's 2023–24 Boston Bruins season report cards
Brad Marchand’s 2023–24 Boston Bruins season report cards

Marchand was successful both on his own and alongside his colleagues. He performed admirably during the playoffs as well.
Marchand visited with Pavel Zacha and David Pastrnak. They were an extremely potent offensive club, scoring 4.05 goals every 60 minutes on average. Nevertheless, he spent a lot of time playing with Jake DeBrusk and Charlie Coyle. The line proved to be a potent blend of offensive and defensive strength. They scored 1.58 goals against every 60 minutes on average, which is great considering how much time they are dedicating to the game. And with 14, they had the second-highest goal total of any line combination for the Bruins.

Marchand achieved success both independently and in tandem with his associates. He was equally impressive in the postseason.

Marchand was licking his chops as the Maple Leafs found themselves in penalty trouble. He scored six of his eight points on the power play, which was crucial early in the series. Thanks to their modifications, the Maple Leafs defense shut down Marchand for the remainder of the series. In the second round, Marchand would have two points against the Florida Panthers. With ten points at the end of the playoffs, he was second only to DeBrusk (11). The Bruins were better than expected, and Marchand was a big reason for that.
The Bruins were expected to have a difficult season given what they lost. Rather, the Bruins advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and placed second in the Atlantic Division. On this team, the Bruins had many contributions, and Marchand was one of them.

Marchand is still putting in a lot of work and had another fantastic season. He is a critical member of the Bruins’ next generation of players and sets an excellent example both on and off the floor. The Bruins are headed for a pivotal summer.

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